Exploring the Art of Gin: Saint Amans Gin's Unforgettable Masterclasses at Maison Baskerville Wellness Retreats, SW FRANCE, May – June 2023

Introduction: In the realm of craft gin, Saint Amans Gin has emerged as a shining star, captivating the hearts and palates of gin enthusiasts with their exceptional spirits. Recently, the small yet remarkable gin company hosted a series of Gin Masterclasses that became the talk of the town. Welcoming groups of 9 to 12 eager participants, these captivating sessions offered a deep dive into the world of gin, tantalizing taste buds, and inspiring the creation of exquisite cocktails. Join us as we uncover the highlights and experiences from Saint Amans Gin's unforgettable Masterclasses - check out dates for the next ones here !  

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Delving into the Art of Tasting: A key aspect of Saint Amans Gin's Masterclasses was the exploration of the art of tasting spirits. Led by our expert gin connoisseur, Anne, participants were taken on a sensory journey, discovering the intricate flavors, aromas, and nuances that define each sip. From the gentle floral notes of lavender and rose petals  to the refreshing bursts of citrus, participants developed a heightened appreciation for the craftsmanship behind each bottle of gin.

Immersing in the Gin Culture: Saint Amans Gin's Masterclasses were more than just gin tasting sessions; they were immersive experiences that embraced the vibrant gin culture and how gin pairs so beautifully with the array of cheeses, fruits and charcuterie served by Maison Baskeville. Participants eagerly shared their personal preferences and favorite gin cocktails, within an atmosphere of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm. From classic gin and tonics to innovative mixology creations, such as the French 75 cocktail, the conversations sparked a newfound passion for mixology and the art of crafting beautiful cocktails.

Unveiling the Craftsmanship: One of the highlights of the Masterclasses was the unique opportunity to learn the craft behind Saint Amans Gin. The distillery's key ginmaker unveiled her secrets, divulging the meticulous process behind creating their exceptional spirits. Attendees gained insights into the careful selection of botanicals, the distillation techniques, and the precise blending that culminates in Saint Amans Gin's signature flavors. It was a chance to witness firsthand the dedication and craftsmanship that goes into each bottle.

Mixology Magic: No gin experience would be complete without some carefully crafted cocktails.  Saint Amans Gin's Masterclasses showcased their ready to drink NEGRONI cocktail, a firm favourite with some participants. Others loved the citrussy French75, made with Gin and fizz.  

Building Lasting Connections: Beyond the educational and gastronomic aspects, Saint Amans Gin's Masterclasses were part of the week-long Maison Baskerville retreat experience, fostering connections among like-minded individuals. Sharing their love for wellness, good food, good company and conviviality, participants formed lasting bonds and networks that extended beyond the confines of the retreat. The experience served as a catalyst for further exploration and appreciation of the gin culture, creating a vibrant community of gin aficionados.

Conclusion: Saint Amans Gin's recent Gin Masterclasses proved to be an exceptional and immersive journey into the world of gin. From unraveling the art of tasting spirits to the thrill of mixology, participants were immersed in a world of flavors, creativity, and camaraderie. The sessions not only showcased the craftsmanship and dedication of Saint Amans Gin but also fueled a passion for gin that will continue to thrive among the attendees. As the gin culture continues to evolve, such Masterclasses serve as an invaluable opportunity for individuals to explore, learn, and celebrate the artistry behind this beloved spirit.