Raspberry Fields Pink Gin Cocktail Recipe

Inspired by the classic Raspberry Fields Cocktail, a simple and refreshing mix of Saint Amans Rosé Gin, Lillet Rosé (or any other pink vermouth) , raspberry-infused Campari, and fresh raspberries. An ideal cocktail for celebrations!


40 ml Saint Amans Rosé Gin

30 ml Lillet Rosé

25 ml Raspberry-Infused Campari


Place fresh raspberries in a glass with a few large ice cubes. Pour in the Lillet Rosé, then raspberry-infused Campari, and finally Saint Amans Rosé Gin. Gently stir.

If you find it too strong for your tastes, add  sparkling water or lemondate to top up.

And there you have it! Cheers!