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Saint Amans Gin

Barn-distilled French Gin made with love. 

A gin of substance

The South of France is a haven for winemakers, the climate producing some of the world’s finest grapes. It is the love of these grapes that forms the basis for our precious gin. Proudly named after the small hamlet in which we live, our gin is the result of a long-lived dream; to create something sustainable and with purpose. Something to bring people together.

Equally complex as it is balanced, we hope you will enjoy drinking it as much as we have enjoyed making it.

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A labour of love

In France, respecting the land and its produce is of great value. It seeps into everything we do and instils pride in what we create. For us, the botanical garden we have grown embodies all of this. Nestled between vineyards in the heart of Saint Amans, it is the home of our gin and a source of its ingredients.

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A perfect match

Our partnership has brought together two very complementary interests; Anne’s love of growing fruits, flowers and herbs alongside Jean-Louis’ life-long fascination with “marc de raisin” (a winemaking derivative). It’s this harmony of skills that has laid the perfect foundation to create our gin.

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In France, we say ‘santé’ when drinking something special. We raise a glass of Saint Amans to your good health.

Our gin

Different from a standard grain-based spirit, our gin is distilled using the surplus of grapes derived from wine making. This kind of pure grape alcohol offers a solid structure with layers of depth and a long finish. 

We have taken the time to craft our gin so that it is smooth and rounded, with a beautifully refined taste. Enjoy it best with tonic and grapes, in very good company.

The botanicals

From our own garden and the region of Saint Amans, we have selected the very best ingredients and botanicals for our gin.

Grown from the same loving earth as the grapes themselves, our gin is comprised of 18 different botanicals, including classic Juniper and, a French speciality, Espelette Pepper. Each of these components adds their special touch to the blend, truly defining the taste and character of our beloved Saint Amans gin.

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