About Saint Amans Gin - Our Ingredients

The ingredients we use in our gin

grape marc

Inspired by the grapevines in our garden in Saint Amans, our gin is distilled from a grape alcohol base (itself made from grape marc), rather than a typical grain base.


Juniper is the key ingredient of any gin – it’s what gives it its name. Juniper berries have a subtle, citrusy flavour which is very slightly sweet and green. It is present in our gin throughout.

lemon and orange peel

Citrus is a classic botanical in gin, often bringing a fruity-yet-dry flavour that comes through well in a spirit. In our gin, we use lemon peel for its fresh, aromatic aspect, which is more delicate than lemon juice proper. We also use the slightly fruitier orange peel.


Espelette pepper

Espelette pepper is a local spice solely cultivated in southwest France, exclusively in the French Basque Country. It is vibrant and particularly aromatic among peppers, which is why, on top of being local to our region, it is one of our botanicals. To taste, it is a subtle hint of spice which comes through particularly in the finish.


Cassia is a kind of cinnamon largely cultivated in Asia. We use it for its more robust aspect than other varieties, which makes it well-suited to distilling. Its aromatic bark is a part of the spicy profile of our gin.


We use fresh ginger root for the invigorating, refreshing and spicy flavour it adds to our gin.

raspberry leaf

Inspired by what grows in our very own French garden in Saint Amans, raspberry leaf provides a sweet and tangy flavour to our gin.

fresh raspberries

The fresh raspberry maceration is exclusive to Saint Amans Gin Rosé. With no added sugars, it provides colour and fruitier tones.


Carmine is a 100% natural extract, used in Saint Amans Gin Rosé in order to stabilise its pink raspberry colour to last over time. 

goji berry

This subtly sweet superfood is another inspiration from our Saint Amans garden, where we have a long row of these berry bushes, and which is why it is one of our gin’s botanicals.


Inspired by our own hazel tree in Saint Amans, the hazelnut is one of the botanicals we use in our gin. Along with the almond, it contributes to its smooth, rounded mouthfeel.


Another nut-bearing tree in our garden in Saint Amans is the almond tree. Almond provides a sweet, creamy dimension to our gin.

Toulouse violet

The Toulouse violet is not only a locally-grown symbol of our region Occitania, it is also a fragrant botanical in its own right, which is why we use it in our gin. Its aroma is floral, delicate, and sweet.

rose petal

The roses which grow in our flower garden in Saint Amans are the inspiration for this botanical in our gin. Rose petal has a particularly sweet and gentle fragrance.


Another flower in our botanicals which is also found in Saint Amans is lavender. Particularly fragrant and warm, it contributes to the floral notes in our gin.


A common botanical in gin, we use coriander seeds as one of our ingredients. Along with thyme, it is the main herb botanical and contributes its fresh, aromatic and slightly nutty flavour.


Thyme grows plentifully in our garden in Saint Amans, which is why we were inspired to use this herb as one of our botanicals. It provides its woody, fresh aroma to our gin.


Angelica root has a light, earthy aroma, and it is often used in gin because it binds the flavours of the different botanicals together.

orris root

Orris root is a popular ingredient for gin. Like angelica, it is known in particular for being a binding agent, though it does have a light flavour similar to violets.