Gin Rosé Pink Cocktail Recipe

This recipe is the easiest of the easy for a pink gin cocktail: just add tonic. Our pink gin, Saint Amans Gin Rosé, is macerated with fresh raspberries for a lightly fruity, raspberry-infused gin and tonic. Use frozen raspberries instead of ice cubes for even more raspberry flavour. 

pink cocktails filtering prettily through light

How to make a Pink Gin and Tonic


  • 40ml Saint Amans Gin Rosé
  • 100ml tonic (later adjust to taste)
    • we recommend a light tonic such as Fever Tree, Hysope, Artonic, London Essence
  • 4 raspberries (fresh or frozen)
  • 2-3 ice cubes


  1. Put ice cubes directly in your gin glass.
    1. Tip: Use frozen raspberries instead of ice cubes for an extra fruity touch.
  2. Add measure of Saint Amans Gin Rosé.
  3. Add raspberries, then add the tonic.
  4. Stir gently and serve.

For those who don’t like the bitter quinine in tonic, you can replace the tonic with plain sparkling water: make this gin cocktail recipe even easier and have yourself a pink gin fizz cocktail.

If it’s a recipe with gin and bitters you’re looking for, we recommend the negroni cocktail. But if you’re looking for a pink gin cocktail – that is, a cocktail made with pink gin – you’re in the right place. Read on for the origin and flavour profile of our simple twist on a classic gin and tonic.

pink g&t's with saint amans gin rosé and raspberries for valentine's day

The Pink Gin and Tonic with Saint Amans Gin Rosé

  • Easy pink gin cocktail.
  • Brings a fruity, raspberry touch to the classic G&T.
  • No added sugar or additives.
  • 100% natural colour
  • Made in a gin glass.
  • Great for summer, Valentine’s Day, romantic occasions.

A gin rosé, by any other name

Saint Amans Gin Rosé is a pink gin – the spirit, not the cocktail. Because a pink gin cocktail, historically, is a cocktail made with a typical (colourless) London Dry and bitters. It’s the dilution of these red bitters in the gin that gave it its rosy hue. Nowadays, with pink-coloured gins on the rise, a pink gin cocktail is more likely to refer to a drink made with a rose-tinted spirit. Like ours!

Pink is in, pink is gin

Summer is raspberry season, so a raspberry gin cocktail like this pink G&T is ideal for these picturesque summer days, or whenever you want to bring a little sunshine to your apéritif. That faint raspberry blush is a lovely choice for all things romantic too, like Valentine’s Day, date night, or curling up with a good book.

Natural, light and refreshing, it’s a great way to add a raspberry tang to your drink without the extra sweetness that tends to come with other fruity cocktails. And it’s so wonderfully pink.

Flavour profile: Pink Gin and Tonic

Saint Amans Gin Rosé makes for a fruity gin and tonic, without being too sweet. With its fresh raspberry maceration, it is a modern, raspberry-fronting pink gin that brings out a different flavour profile to this G&T than our classic London Dry, all while keeping the characteristic smooth balance of Saint Amans Gin.

On the nose, it is fragrant with rose, lavender and raspberry aroma. The notes of raspberry leaf in our aromatics give this easy pink gin cocktail a fruity depth throughout, as do the more subtly sweet flavours of goji and juniper. The tang of raspberry also brings out a hint of citrus and spice, (lemon peel, ginger, Espelette pepper) that all pairs nicely with the tonic.

And that pink tint to Saint Amans Gin Rosé? It’s 100% natural. It gets its colour from the fresh raspberries we macerate it in, which we then stabilise to last over time with the natural extract carmine.

We recommend a light tonic such as Fever Tree or Hysope. Tonic opens up the flavours in a gin, bringing out all the subtlety of juniper and its other aromatics, and also by quite literally aerating your drink. In the case of a G&T with Saint Amans Gin Rosé, the fruity raspberry notes are particularly deepened, with the floral, herbal, spicy aromatics providing depth of flavour for a simple pink gin cocktail.