Saint Amans Gin: Spirit of competition

Saint Amans Gin Awards 2020



"Complex nose. Citrus with a hint of sweetness and cool mint. Delicate floral notes on the palate grounded in continuing citrus."                 – World Gin Awards, January 2020



"Deeply flavoured with rich, caramelised citrus and delicate florals culminating in a soft, full finish."                                                              – International Wine and Spirits Competition, August 2020




Circumstances notwithstanding, 2020 has been a busy year for Saint Amans Gin. Some of our proudest achievements include our awards, and Saint Amans Gin Original was presented with no less than four! These were conferred by the World Gin Awards, the International Wine & Spirit Competition (IWSC), and the London Spirits Competition (LSC), and we thank them warmly for their esteem in our product. We are delighted that our values – authentic French produce, artisan, and high quality, are reflected in the results of these prestigious competitions.

Competitions like these have one thing in common: judges with exceptional experience in the drinks industry, whose goal it is to curate the best of the best so you can choose and enjoy your favourite beverage, be it neat, shaken, or stirred. For all you spirit geeks interested in things like the technical distinction between a London Dry and a contemporary gin, or some of the key flavours and processes in the current spirit scene, take a look at the review of this year’s IWSC by one of the Chair Judges:

Every competition has slightly different, but no less rigorous, judging processes. For example, the World Gin Awards has two overarching categories, taste and design (Saint Amans Gin won an award for both). In the LSC, Saint Amans Gin scored particularly highly in terms of product quality and packaging (a score of 90/100 and 92/100 respectively, to be precise).

Having a wide breadth of judges and criteria across competitions agree on the quality of Saint Amans Gin is high praise indeed, and we only strive to build on this achievement to bring you the best gin experiences possible. Cheers!